“Don Quichotte” by Magazine 60 (1985)

I discovered this amazing not-quite-a-hit via Rhino’s (awesomely curated) The Disco Years CD series from the mid ‘90s. Although “Don Quichotte” came a few years too late to “officially” qualify as disco (whatever that means), it’s also not hi-NRG or dance-pop a la Madonna, it’s…it’s absurd is what it is. Absurd synthesizer music with pidgin Spanish, a guy who keeps calling and asking for “Don Key Shot”, and the person on the other end of the phone letting us know that Don Quichotte Sancho Panza no estan aqui. Although the caller never even mentions Sancho Panza. Why are you volunteering this information, lady on the other end of the phone? Then, someone (I’m presuming the caller?) says something about having a hole in your brain and going crazy, the lady on the other end of the phone (frenzied this time) says, again, that Don Quichotte y Sancho Panza no estan aqui, you hear what appear to be gunshots, then the song ends. It’s crazy.

I almost liked will.i.am for half a second because his first solo single (after selling his soul for commercial success) liberally sampled “Don Quichotte”.


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