“Domino Dancing” by Pet Shop Boys (1988)

“Domino Dancing” opens with one of the greatest couplets in pop music history: “I don’t know why, I don’t know how/I thought I loved you, but/I’m not sure now”. The remainder of the song finds Neil Tennant firing off angry missives towards a lover who is overly flirtatious towards other people.

“Domino Dancing” also represents a slight departure from the signature PSB sound. The song was produced by Lewis A. Martinee, who’s best known for creating and serving as the primary producer of Expose. Therefore, “Domino” leans way more freestyle than the remainder of the PSB’s oeuvre, complete with a salsa piano breakdown. It was the boys’ last appearance in the American Top 20, although their lack of U.S. chart success hasn’t slowed down the duo’s output or damaged their legend at all.

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