“Doin’ It” by LL Cool J featuring LeShaun (1995)

“Doin’ It” is one of LL’s most fondly remembered songs, and it finds the rapper indulging his playfully nasty side. Over a chunky sample of Grace Jones’ exotic smash “My Jamaican Guy”, LL and his lady (played here by LeShaun) get extremely freaky. The fact that there’s an actual male/female dynamic at play separates “Doin’ It” from the vast majority of hip-hop sex songs. Kudos to LL for realizing this, although he caught a major “L” when LeShaun sued him for not allowing her to appear in the “Doin’ It” video on account of her being pregnant.

Worth mentioning: “Doin’ It” manages to create a highly sexually charged atmosphere without using ONE profanity (no, I don’t consider “ass” to be a profanity). Not that this stopped radio from bleeping the living hell out of the song; euphemism is a powerful thing.

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