“Doctor Love” by First Choice (1977)

First Choice came out of Philly, deftly straddling the line between Gamble & Huff’s lush production and the four-on-the-floor thump that signified New York City disco. “Doctor Love” was their biggest hit (although I’m not sure that it’s their best known song now), and it’s a joyful celebration of finding that person who…uh, knows how to “write prescriptions”, if you catch what I’m trying to throw at you.

Not a whole lot to say about this one; it’s a classic of the disco era, it’s got singing that’s sexy and sassy, and it still moves feet today. Put it on and you’ll get instantaneous happy feels. You’ll also probably start singing “you got to have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me.” I see you, Gwen Guthrie.


“Do You Wanna Get Away” (Shannon, 1985): “Let The Music Play” and “Give Me Tonight”‘s literal younger sibling, “Do You Wanna Get Away” should’ve continued the momentum Shannon built up with those two groundbreaking singles. Instead, it was only a mid-charting song and Shannon never had a major hit again. “Get Away” cuts the electro-funk of the older singles with a little pop-rock goodness. Throw in some more guitars and it could’ve been a Pat Benatar single. Make the vocals more girlish and it could’ve been a Madonna hit. Not that there’s anything wrong with it being a Shannon song, mind you!

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