“Do It Again” by Steely Dan (1972)/”Dirty Work” by Steely Dan (1972)

My quandary: I just rated “Dirty Work” four stars, but I like that particular song about as much as I like “Do It Again”. Do I down-rate “Do It Again”? Or do I call a do-over on “Dirty Work” and give both songs five stars?

Well, it’s obvious which decision I went with.

“Do It Again” is the song I’m more familiar with. It’s got a great melody and groove, and it boasts a killer hook. It drags on for maybe a minute longer than it should, but I just gave it a listen and was delighted to discover that the six minute running time didn’t seem to drag on as much as it had some times in the past.

“Dirty Work” is a lot more linear from a lyrical standpoint (I have no idea what “Do It Again” is about), and also sounds a lot less like a Steely Dan song. The vocals are provided by David Palmer, not Donald Fagen. I’ve only grown super-familiar with the song in the last year or so, thanks to my friend Shane. He’s played it on his radio show and also as the theme song to a round or two of music trivia at my local watering hole. Anyway, the song covers one of my favorite recurring topics: getting tired of putting up with someone else’s bullshit. For that reason alone, I’m gonna bump it up to five and give Steely Dan a rare 2-fer post.

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