“Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder (1982)

Stevie Wonder can always be counted on to bring the feel-good. Even his saddest songs contain better-than-trace amounts of positivity.  Make no mistake, though; “Do I Do” is not the least bit sad. It’s the perfect summer BBQ jam, with sprightly horns and a thumping funk rhythm. Someone give that bass player a raise!

We can’t forget about the irrepressible exuberance of Stevie’s voice. Even when they’re not spouting the greatest of lyrics (and it’s fair to say that Stevie was going more for groove here than he was for depth), the joy he communicates through his singing is noteworthy, and contagious.

“Do I Do” jams for ten solid minutes. There’s a couple of bass solos, Stevie trying his hand at rapping, and even a minute or so of Dizzy Gillespie! The song originated on Stevie’s Original Musicquarium album, which was the first set to compile hits from his classic run of ‘70s albums. I doubt anyone reading this needs reminding of Stevie’s genius, but it’s worth mentioning that of the 4 new songs padded on to Musicquarium, three of them are certified classics. Not bad for a hits package.

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