“Dirty Mind” by Prince (1980)

I’ve said plenty about Prince. So for this entry, I’m gonna turn the mic over to Miles Davis, who encapsulates perfectly why “Dirty Mind”, in Prince’s hands, is perfection. In the same quote, he also encapsulates perfectly why this same song (and many of Prince’s songs) wouldn’t have worked coming from, say…Rick James. Or Teddy Pendergrass. Can you imagine?

“He’s got that raunchy thing, almost like a pimp and a bitch all wrapped up in one image, that transvestite thing. But when he’s singing that funky X-rated shit that he does about sex and women, he’s doing it in a high pitched voice, in almost a girls voice. If I said “Fuck You!” to somebody they would be ready to call the police. But if Prince says it in that girl-like voice he uses, then everyone says it’s cute.“

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