“Daylight” by Bobby Womack (1975)

Most folks wouldn’t normally associate Bobby Womack with party songs, but “Daylight” is a smooth jam tells the story of a guy who enjoys the hell out of the nightlife. The function he sings about sounds more like the house parties that were typical in my neighborhood in my youth than a night at the disco or the club, though. People are dancing around in their stocking feet, having good conversations while they have fun. My kinda party, although I’d probably be in way before 5 A.M. And you know ain’t nobody taking their shoes off to dance in the club.

Speaking of which- despite the 1976 time stamp, and the subject matter, “Daylight” is not disco. You can get a good two-step going to it, but you won’t break a sweat. It’s much closer to late period Philly soul, akin to The O’Jays’ smash “Use Ta Be My Girl”.

Despite being well aware of Bobby’s catalog from the time he made his big comeback with The Poet in early 1982, I’d somehow missed “Daylight”. Props to Kelly Rowland for covering it three decades after Bobby’s version was a hit. Kelly’s version, which I believe I discovered via VH-1 (which I was addicted to for a few years in the mid ‘00s) features Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, which time stamps it to its era even before you get to McCoy’s ad libs about being out longer than Paris Hilton’s jail sentence lasted.

Thanks, Wikipedia!: The Pointer Sisters sing the backgrounds on “Daylight”.

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