“The Crunge” by Led Zeppelin (1973)

What does it say about Led Zeppelin if a jokey funk pastiche is one of my favorite songs they ever put out?

“The Crunge” is clearly a James Brown rip. It’s done with respect, and a lot of soul. John Paul Jones and John Bonham might’ve been the greatest rhythm section in classic rock history, and where other bands of Zep’s era might have done a song like “The Crunge” and not had it come off even half as well, Zeppelin’s bassist and drummer have the funk chops to go with their rock chops to go with their blues chops. Jimmy Page ain’t no slouch, neither. The only thing striking a false chord is that fart-y synthesizer sound, which is meant to recapture the sound of a horn section…but just sounds like a couple of fart-y synthesizers.

Bonus point: “where is that confounded bridge?” It’s dumb, but it still makes me laugh.

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