“Creepin’” by Stevie Wonder (1974)

Am I the only person who thinks Fulfillingness’ First Finale sounds like a drug album? Not suggesting anything more than the possibility of pot (or painkillers-given that Stevie almost lost his life in a car accident shortly before recording this album) influencing the much chiller than normal vibe of these songs. Drug-influenced or no, it’s a great album. Although it receives short shrift sitting as it does between the absolutely perfect Innervisions and SW’s magnum opus Songs in the Key of Life.

“Creepin’”’s hazy tone fits in perfectly with the rest of the album.The haziness is amplified by the lyrics (Stevie wonders why he can’t stop thinking about a particular someone-to the point where this person appears in his dreams on the regular) and the haunting-sounding keyboards. Synth mastery is kind of Stevie’s thing, but (and I went to Wikipedia to verify this), Mr. Wonder also plays the fuck out of the drums on this song. Totally in the pocket.

Minnie Riperton’s vocals add the perfect amount of sugar to Stevie’s reverie.

Luther’s version-also 5 stars-is the second part of a medley and thus will appear later.

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