“Crazy Eyes” by Daryl Hall & John Oates (1976)

“Crazy Eyes” is kind of a weird addition for two reasons: it’s a Hall & Oates album track, and it’s an Oates-led song. Although Daryl & John are the most successful duo of the rock era, the brunt of their success was on the singles chart. I don’t know that they have a definitive album-length statement the way some of their rivals for duo supremacy (like, say-Simon & Garfunkel?) do. Also, the overwhelming majority of H2O’s hit singles feature Daryl Hall as the primary vocalist. He is certainly more of a dynamic vocalist than his mustachioed partner, but “Crazy Eyes” is a song that proves John Oates could take the reins with no discernible drop in song quality.

“Crazy Eyes” comes from Bigger Than Both Of Us, the 1976 album that brought us “Rich Girl” and “Do What You Want, Be What You Are”. It’s a sumptuous soul ballad with fantastic harmonies. Sounds great through headphones. Sounds great on vinyl. It’s one of those songs that makes you appreciate the difference in fidelity between LP and digital, especially if you have good sound equipment. I’ve had it rated five stars for as long as I’ve had it rated at all, but I was doing a guest spot during a “1976”-themed show on Radio Free Brooklyn earlier this week, heard it through the studio monitors, and marvelled at how great it sounds. I didn’t need the reminder, but I’m certainly glad I got it.

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