“Come to Me (One Way or Another)” by Jermaine Jackson (1984)

“Come to Me” is a propulsive dance tune, with an almost chanted chorus and a mid-song breakdown that finds a Jackson brother singing in what I presume is Swahili.


I’m sure Jermaine will swear up and down that “Come to Me” was not conceived of with “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’’” in mind. And it’s not like I was in Jermaine’s head when he wrote the song, or in the studio when the song was being recorded. But…COME ON. It’s clearly…well, not an exact ripoff. But they’ve got definite similarities.

This isn’t a bad thing, though.

“Come to Me” might be Jermaine’s strongest dance groove, or at least his strongest dance groove that wasn’t guided by the hand of Stevie Wonder. JJ’s fluttery vocalizing provides a great counterbalance to the bass-heavy groove. During one of the last house parties I remember my folks hosting (back in the early summer of ‘84), I remember “Come to Me” being one of the songs that got the joint jumping.

If you could get a house party jumping during one of the best pop music summers in history, you deserve five stars.

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