“Come Go With Me” by Teddy Pendergrass (1979)

In which we find our hero, once again, doing his best beg-and-plead to get some lady to do the nasty with him.

I read T.P’s autobiography two or three years ago, and there’s no denying the man had a libido as healthy as his notorious ego. By the time the Teddy album (the one with the fire red cover that contains the song I’m writing about) hit the streets in the summer of ‘79, Teddy was 6 or 7 years into his sex symbol-dom, and damn near at his peak. I can’t imagine he had to work too hard to find willing contestants in his “Let’s Get Between The Sheets” game. Remember, this was a brother who hosted “For Ladies Only” concerts. Actually, the book confirms as much-a particular mid ‘70s passage recalls how he had two lovers pregnant simultaneously.

“Come Go With Me” finds Teddy playing a long-ish version of the short game, or at the very least showing off a great deal of persistence. He spends the first half of the song sweet-talking a lady he’s met out, and the second half notably finds us hearing the perspective of Teddy’s potential conquest as she contemplates a trip to Chateau Pendergrass (moment that always makes me crack up: when she moans “I’m slightly bored”. To be clear, she’s referring to whatever’s happening at the function she and Teddy are hanging out at.) Teddy begs, cajoles and pleads…and finally she acquiesces. Let’s hope the trip to Teddy’s place was memorable for both of them.

*-Second moment that makes me crack up but also makes me slightly worried: at the end of the song’s second verse, Teddy’s like “I’d understand if you said no…but don’t you do it!” I guess if that line worked for anyone, it would’ve been Teddy circa ‘79. If the average guy tried to pull that shit, the police would be called and restraining orders would be placed.


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