“Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses (1981)

What an awesome story. Girl is kinda blah about Christmas, meets a dude at a ski shop. There are a series of misconnections and disconnections over the ensuing year. Finally, right before Christmas, nearly a year after their first encounter, they bump into one another in the grocery store. They are both on the hunt for cranberries-they find love instead. Ain’t that sweet?

For the longest time, I thought Blondie performed this song. With the passage of time, I’ve come to notice and appreciate the differences between the voices of Patty Donahue (may she rest in power) and Deborah Harry. They are both capable of sounding really disaffected. Donahue’s style of singing is more conversational, though. I think this really impacts the way the story of “Christmas Wrapping” is told. It’s as much a song as it is your homegirl telling you this really interesting story about this dude.

In 2018, with shortened attention spans and technology advances, do you think anyone would actually wait a year to hook up?

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