“Cherish” by Madonna (1989)

We all know Madonna possesses a mastery of the pop single that very few artists have (Um, The Beatles, MJ, Rihanna, that’s it?). Her pop singles, though undeniably catchy and perfect-sounding on radio, have always had a dash of the subversive in them-from “Like A Virgin” to “Like A Prayer” to “Papa Don’t Preach”.

“Cherish” finds Madonna with no hidden agenda. It’s a peppy pop song about being in love with an awesome person and it’s got a bit of a ‘60s vibe (cribbing subtly from The Association’s song of the same name) and it’s awesome. Better, actually, than the two singles that preceded it (”Like a Prayer” and “Express Yourself”, for those playing at home). Particularly in regards to the Like a Prayer album–so many of the songs were heavy. “Cherish” was a welcome burst of light–and still is.

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