“Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)” by Inner Life (1979)

It took a while before I learned that Jocelyn Brown (of “Somebody Else’s Guy” and many ‘90s dance-era samples) was the fairy tale princess in search of a king, the dominant voice on this disco classic. She’s got one of the loudest, most booming voices of anyone in music ever, and there’s a lot of diva-izing here (”that’s just the way I AAAAAAAAAAAAAM!”), but she uses subtle shading to tell most of the tale. By the end of “Caught Up”, you’re pretty sure that she’s going to make this more than a one-night love affair even if she has to kill someone to accomplish it.

“Caught Up” (which is also occasionally listed as “I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair”) is of the disco era, but is a step slower than the often frenetic pace most associated with the genre. It’s a two-step song and perhaps because you’re not drowning in pools of sweat on the dance floor, the songwriters took a little extra time with the lyrics. This is sophisticated, passionate dance music, sung perfectly. Made an indelible impression on me as a toddler and jams just as hard if not harder forty years later.

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