“A Case Of You” by Joni Mitchell (1971)

I believe I’ve established in my two previous Joni Mitchell entries how much I am here for the Queen of Canadian singer-songwriters. Come to think of it, why should I limit her to Canada? Joni is the greatest female singer-songwriter in existence. Her lyrics are poetic without being self-consciously obtuse, and her early singing set the archetype for all who followed. Although I prefer her later, cigarette-stained mature voice, there’s no denying the level of “pretty” Joni’s voice possessed at the outset of her career.

“A Case Of You” has rightfully been circled by admirers as one of Joni’s best. I probably made my initial discovery of “Case” via Prince. Armed with just an acoustic guitar (and, as Wikipedia tells me, some additional strumming from James Taylor) and some percussion, Joni delivers one of her finest lyrics, centering on being so infatuated with someone that she could drink a case of them and not be full. Not sure I’ve ever been there, but I can dig the sentiment.

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