“Carolina In My Mind” by James Taylor (1968)

I’ve never been to Carolina in my mind. I’ve barely been to Carolina in person. My body has been to North Carolina once, but I was on a business trip and I don’t even think I was there for 36 hours. It was the first time I’d ever rented a hotel room as an adult, though. Cool stuff. I might’ve jumped on the bed a couple of times (because I’m pretty sure I was sleeping on a floor in my home life at the time.)

I have been in the Times Square subway station though. And one day about twenty years ago, I was on the A/C/E platform when a random dude with an acoustic guitar started playing “Carolina in My Mind” and I started weeping. And I have been in many situations where James Taylor’s Greatest Hits (you know, the one with the plain white cover that everyone has) put my mind at ease, which is what “Carolina In My Mind” is about, I think. And for that, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve set foot (or brain) in the Carolinas or not.

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