“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend (2008)

“Is your bed made? Is your sweater on? Do you want to…”

Fuck! It’s been ten years and I had no idea that the words “do you want to fuck?” appear in the chorus-at least the first one- of Vampire Weekend’s “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” until looking the lyrics up three minutes ago. Doesn’t mean much as far as my enjoyment of the song goes, just a somewhat surprising thing. I don’t think I realized before that this entire song is about Ezra Koenig trying to chat up a girl and then having awkward sex with her (“feels so unnatural/Peter Gabriel, too.”) I have no idea how Peter Gabriel fits into this equation at all.

As I believe I mentioned during the piece I wrote on “A-Punk”, VW’s music was the soundtrack for my summer 2008-also my first summer in the college center of the world, Boston. I always thought they got unnecessary flak for appropriating music from the African and Caribbean disapora. If five more people picked up a King Sunny Ade record or listened to Arrow on Spotify, Vampire Weekend did their job. I also find it interesting that they get (or got?) shit on for making “straight white boy” music (mostly by straight white boy music journalists) when their main songwriter (and secondary lyricist) was a queer Persian.

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