“Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister (1985)

Does “Broken Wings” still get shit on?

There was a point in the ‘90s, before people discovered “yacht rock”, when all ‘80s pop was considered shite by a vocal minority of the populace. While people have come around to Hall & Oates, MJ (even if he had to die for that to happen) and even Lionel Richie, I can’t say for sure that folks have learned to bask in the synthesizer-drenched awesomeness that is “Broken Wings”.

I don’t think Mr. Mister was ever distinctly marketed as a Christian rock band, but its worth noting that their two biggest singles (this and “Kyrie”) can both be interpreted as being centered around faith. Of course, “Broken Wings” also reads as a love song, but even if read that way, the lyrics are full of religious imagery-taking broken wings and making the narrator fly again, being half of the flesh and blood that makes him whole, etc. While “Kyrie” has a killer chorus and not much else, but “Broken Wings” is all around dope. There’s a plaintiveness in Richard Page’s vocal that wraps its tentacles around your heart and breaks you down. For what it’s worth, he never matched the intensity of this vocal in his previous (as a member of Pages) life or for the duration of Mr. Mister’s tenure.

Also, my man on the left? His hair game is crazy. Even for the ‘80s. By contrast, Richard Page looks like an investment banker on Casual Fridays. And the guy to his left looks like he belongs in an ‘00s emo band.

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