“Brick House” by Commodores (1977)

“Brick House” is one of those songs I kinda hate but secretly love. You know how that goes?

My opinion on it has changed four or five times. It’s one of those songs that has become annoyingly ubiquitous. And Lionel Richie gets all credit for it when all he did on the song was play saxophone! That’s not fair. If I was Clyde Orange (who wrote and sang the song), I’d be stabbing a Lionel Richie voodoo doll at least once a week.

Ultimately, “Brick House” is fun and funky and sometimes that’s all you need in a song. It’s easy for fans to forget how funky The Commodores were just because they became known as a ballad band when they became most successful. Even if it is a little corny, and has become overplayed as fuck, I still get the shake-my-ass feels when that drum fill kicks in at the beginning. And also kudos to that band of Bamas for shouting out the big guls long before hip-hop songs about asses became commercial.

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