“Breakin’ (There’s No Stopping Us)” by Ollie & Jerry (1984)

Time to start poppin’ and lockin’ for one of the key songs from the summer of 1984-possibly the greatest year in history for pop singles. “Breakin’”, the theme to the movie of the same name is pure positivity effervescence. Like an electro-soul “Eye Of The Tiger”.

Ollie Brown & Jerry Knight came from the band Raydio, which was fronted by a guy who also hit big in the summer of ‘84 with a movie theme-that would be Ray Parker Jr. The Detroit natives were also respected session musicians before (and after) forming a duo that strangely never recorded an album. Hell, their only singles were this and the theme from the sequel-”Breakin’ 2–Electric Boogaloo”. So while they sorta qualify under one-hit wonder status, they did have a string of hits as members of another band, and played on a ton of other hits. And Jerry Knight had at least one stone jam as a solo artist with 1980’s “Overnight Sensation”.

“Breakin’” might have been one of the first movies to bring hip-hop to a mass audience. It was certainly the first hip-hop film set in L.A. That said, it’s probably more important for being a high-water mark in unintentional comedy. I must have seen “Breakin’” at least once as a kid, but I for sure saw it about two years ago at my friend Carrie’s annual horrible movie marathon “Craptastica”. It was part of a stunning double bill with “Predator”, and I made them watch “Zombeavers” as an intermission film. Anyway, “Breakin’” is best watched with some alcohol or pot and a bunch of friends who are similarly buzzed. In addition to the bad acting, bad music, cheesy choreography and lack of a discernible plot, you get to see Baby Ice-T as well as a Baby Jean-Claude Van Damme in a crotch slingshot on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Come to think of it, “Breakin’”’s theme song might be the best thing about it.

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