“Brand New Day” by Sting (2000)

“Brand New Day” is Sting at his most upbeat and corny. If you went into a coma in 1983 and woke up to hear this song playing, you might not even recognize it as being by the same guy who seethed through “Every Breath You Take”. Sting sells the cheeriness of “Brand New Day” like a pro, though. The positivity of this song, the title track from the 2000 album that temporarily restored his commercial viability in the U.S., is absolutely fucking infectious.

The general topic of the song; “don’t give up on love because love could happen tomorrow and when it does happen, it’ll be awesome” is the general topic of thousands of other songs, some of which are superior, better written or at least less cheesy. However, very few of them float on a buoyant shuffle groove featuring harmonica fills by the prince of Happy Feels, Stevie Wonder. By the time an army of Stings is singing “stand up, all you lovers in the world/stand up and be counted, every boy and every girl”, you’re on your feet and waving your hands in the air like you’re at the best concert ever. Or you’ve just fully invested in Der Stingle’s “love’s worth waiting for” message.

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