“Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite” by Big Daddy Kane (1990)

Really well-made comedy records get me every time. And when “Big Daddy vs. Dolemite” came around in the fall of 1990, there was no precedent for a rapper to team up with a comedian. But Big Daddy Kane gave blaxploitation-era hero Rudy Ray Moore (famous for his Dolemite movies) a call, and the two brought their pimped-out personas and played the dozens for four minutes of unbridled hilarity. The young buck was going up against the O.G., and Kane correctly gave up following a blistering barrage of insults by Moore. I will post Moore’s hilarious final volley here for your amusement/horror.

“KANE, before you can take my reign, you gotta cook me a chicken in a half a day. Walk from New York to Los Angeles and throw the bones away!

You gotta be BORN BLIND and cannot see, your bitches have the POX in the ass so bad they can’t even pee!

Ride a bald eagle a million feet in the AIR, and get out and do the runnin’ man while you up there.

Have the Mumps and the Asiastic Flu, and the Crabs around yo’ ass start singin the Yankee Doodle Doo!”

Taste Of Chocolate came after two straight Big Daddy Kane albums of fire, and I remember really anticipating it. Alas, it turned out to be a pretty severe letdown, particularly from a production perspective. Kane’s embrace of ‘70s pimp/hustler imagery was a bit before its time, and the decision to duet with Barry White on a gooey slow jam called “All Of Me” (and release it as the album’s second single) turned out to be Taste of Chocolate’s death knell. Although he later made a Top 40 breakthrough with an equally gooey cover of Debra Laws’ “Very Special” (featuring a verse by Salt ‘n Pepa’s DJ, Spinderella!), his career never really recovered. As it stands, he hasn’t made an album in 20 years although he remains a draw on hip-hop package tours and still has one of the best stage shows of anyone in rap music.

Also: I’ve never seen Dolemite, the movie. I should fix that someday.

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