“Bad Girls” by Donna Summer (1979)

I’m not sure I can say anything more about Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” than has been said by many before me.

I will say that you need to listen to this podcast, hosted by my friend and neighbor Chris Molanphy, in which he delves into Donna’s chart history with great detail.

“Bad Girls” the single and Bad Girls the album were some of the first records that my memory recalls as ubiquitous. As a toddler, I just thought the “toot-toot…hey, beep-beep” part was funny. As an adult, I love Donna’s sassy vocal and the tough rhythm guitar. Like I’ve already said about several songs on this list, “Bad Girls” is disco (well, sort of),  but it also transcends disco. it’s as well constructed as the best pop songs, it’s as sassy as the best funk music, and it struts like the best rock and roll. A true testament to Donna’s versatility.

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