“Baby Love” by The Supremes (1964)

Worth mentioning; the lyrics to “Baby Love” are pretty basic, even for early Motown.

There are two things that elevate this song to classic status.

1) Diana Ross coming into her own as a superstar. Want to know why Berry Gordy pushed Diana to the front of the Supremes? Listen to that coo that stands as the first vocal you hear on “Baby Love”. Mary and Flo were good singers. They wouldn’t have “ooh”ed like that “ooh”, though. That one sound separates it from “Where Did Our Love Go” and turned the Supremes into more than a one-hit wonder.

2) The Funk Brothers cook. I mean, Motown’s house band always cooked (they, not JB, were the hardest working men in show business), but they put extra jelly on “Baby Love”. That sax solo!! Amazing.

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