“Baby, I’m Scared Of You” by Womack & Womack (1984)

There’s honestly not too much I want to say about “Baby, I’m Scared Of You”. It’s a groovin’-ass record, with a Gamble/Huff Philly soul flavor. It’s also got a false ending, and I’m a sucker for those.

I’ve often regretted not being old enough to have been part of the club scene in the Eighties, and I can only imagine the collective “ohhhhshit” that rumbled through dance floors whenever this song came on. “Baby, I’m Scared Of You” was, rightfully, a massive dance hit.

Because this is probably the only Womack & Womack song I’ll cover on this blog, though, I do want to take some time to talk about one of the weirdest family histories in the music biz.

There were four Womack brothers. The two you need to know about, for the sake of this story, are Cecil (who is one of the Womacks in Womack & Womack) and Bobby (who is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and you will hear more from further down this list). The Womack brothers were discovered and mentored by Sam Cooke (the singer that led the charge from gospel to soul music, was one of the first Black entrepreneurs in the music biz and all-around bad ass.) When Sam was murdered (under crazy weird circumstances) in 1964, Bobby Womack married Sam’s widow, Barbara (awkward). Sam & Barbara’s daughter, Linda, is the second Womack in Womack & Womack, having married Cecil in 1977.

So, two Womack brothers. Discovered by Sam Cooke. Cooke gets killed. One brother marries Sam’s widow. The other marries Sam’s daughter. Think those family reunions were weird?

Sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the music and not dig too much into the histories of some of these artists, because you will inevitably find some head-scratching borderline problematic (or just straight up problematic) shit.


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