“At This Moment” by Billy Vera & The Beaters (1981/1987)

*Originally released in 1981, “At This Moment” became a belated #1 smash in 1987 thanks to its use on the sitcom Family Ties. It became sort of the theme song for the relationship between Michael J. Fox’s Alex and Tracy Pollan’s Ellen. Much like Patti Austin & James Ingram’s “Baby Come To Me” became a belated hit after being used for Luke & Laura on General Hospital.

*I still have a ginormous crush on Michael J. Fox. Actually, I think that’s come about in the last 15-20 years. I didn’t feel the same way as a kid as I do now.

*”At This Moment” is the best Hall & Oates song that Hall & Oates never recorded. The sustained note Billy hits towards the end of the song (very dramatic!) almost sounds like it was flown in from Daryl Hall’s voice box.

*When I was in 6th grade, my middle school in Southfield, MI held auditions for a talent show. I did some awful comedy skit (I was completely unprepared and also very shy), but my friend Marshall Mobley walked up to the front of the classroom where the auditions were being played, popped a cassette into the little boombox sitting there, and sang “At This Moment” with all the soul his barely pubescent self could muster. This kid was one of the few friends I had at the time (and we’d been buddies/nemeses for a solid two years at this point), and never once had it come up that dude could sing like a pro. I was slack-jawed. I wonder what he’s up to these days. I looked him up on Facebook maybe 7 or 8 years ago and asked him if he remembered me. “Yeah, I broke your glasses when we were kids and your mom made my mom pay for them.” Conversation over. Oh, well.

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