“Any Love” by Luther Vandross (1988)

This tune (an R&B chart topper that stopped just a few spots short of the pop top 40) revisits a theme not uncommon to LV’s music-loneliness and the desire to be loved. It’s not a “woe is me”-type song; actually it’s a self-consolation letter. Luther’s not resigned; he sounds absolutely certain that the special love he’s looking for will come into his life as long as he’s patient. It’s interesting to note that while many people see Luther as this guy singing songs designed for love and sexy times, so much of his music has a blue streak running through it. Knowing what we know now about Luther being a closeted gay man who doesn’t seem to have ever had a long-term partner (read Craig Seymour’s Luther biography, it’s really, really good), “Any Love” feels closer to autobiography than just about anything he had a hand in writing.

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