“Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band (1994)

Me: “I love Dave Matthews Band. I’ve seen them in concert 14 times.”

Most people:

Hey, they’re talented musicians, they know how to put on a good show, and although I’m pretty sure I’ve reached my DMB saturation point (it took long enough), they’ve soundtracked some pretty awesome experiences for me. I’m gonna space out my DMB stories (there are a few) as there are definitely more five-star songs of theirs on this list.

“Ants Marching” is one of DMB’s biggest radio hits and thus, one of the songs even casual fans will recognize at a show from the second it begins. Dave’s lyrics have always been slightly inscrutable, so “Ants Marching” also gives tens of thousands of people the chance to shout “PEOPLE IN EVERY DI-RECTION!!!” in unison as, again, it’s one of the DMB lyrics that even casual fans are capable of singing along with.

When I worked at Tower Records, our information desk was right by this machine that played music videos. There was some sort of interactivity with the machine, or maybe it was a really fancy end cap topper. Either way, the “Ants Marching” video was in that machine for months on end. I became very familiar with that video.

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