“Anotherloverholenyohead”by Prince & The Revolution (1986)

Even though The Revolution was largely a touring band, “Anotherlover…” is a good mixture of Wendy & Lisa’s knack for whimsical melodies (that second verse in which W&L and Prince sing alternating melodies is an all-time Prince ear candy moment) and Prince’s knack for being funky as all hell. You can feel the peanut butter and the chocolate melting together perfectly.

Parade was the first Prince album I owned on my own. Visiting my grandparents in the summer of 1986, I was allowed to own two cassettes. One was Rock & Roll Music, a compilation of Beatles tunes I asked for because my 5th grade teacher blew my mind after exposing me to Rubber Soul and Revolver. The other was Parade, which I asked for because Prince was fucking awesome.

“Anotherlover…” is one of those “shoulda been a bigger hit” songs, but I think the public was already starting to get over-Princed after three straight years of non-stop saturation. I also don’t think it got its due on the R&B charts because it had already received a fair amount of airplay as an album track.

My baby sister (not quite 4 at the time of Parade’s release) just liked the line about “doing the duty in yo’ bed” because she thought Prince was singing about “doody”.

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