“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan (1997)

-1 point because of YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHY. I fucking loved this song before I began associating it with abused and abandoned dogs and cats. The very first time I watched that commercial, I bawled like a baby. I actually think I have PTSD from that commercial that has seeped into my appreciation (or lack thereof) for this song. And it wasn’t exactly a cheery ditty before I began associating it with those sad puppy eyes.

+1 point because, in DMC’s biography 10 Ways Not To Commit Suicide, he points to “Angel” as the song that literally saved his life. And a world without Daryl McDaniels would suck for a lot of reasons.

So, Sarah: I guess we even out at a solid five stars for you.

Also, my rudimentary calculations indicate four five-star songs from the City Of Angels soundtrack. I listened to that tape (or at least those four songs) a LOT.

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