“And God Created Woman” by Prince & The New Power Generation (1992)

I’m tempted to use this entry to draw some comparisons between The Revolution & The New Power Generation. Although Prince made his most innovative music in what could be termed the “Revolution era”, Prince also recorded most of those innovative songs himself. The Revolution was a touring band, not so much a studio band. The N.P.G. is all over “Diamonds & Pearls” and the Symbol album (which “And God Created Woman” comes from). And while Prince’s record became somewhat more formulaic in the ‘90s, the arrangements and the musicianship rose a few notches. Hmm. Maybe I’m just comparing apples and oranges? I can’t hear The Revolution playing the N.P.G. material, and while the reverse actually happened), there’s a simplicity to the ‘80s material that the N.P.G. never really captured.

Anyway, “And God Created Woman” is a thick, woozy jazz/pop tune that’s clearly about Prince’s infatuation with Mayte. This leads me to another point, which is that the relationship those two had resulted in some fantastic (and passionate) material–particularly the stuff Prince wrote as he was courting her.

Here’s a line that’s always struck me as super-powerful:

“And if I never see you again/It’s alright for I am guilty of no sin/They can have you, I’ll have your love in the end.” Damn. Someone says something like that to me, I know that either they’re completely sprung or they talk the best game in town.

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