“Always And Forever” by Heatwave (1976)

Stop. Look around the room and find a partner. Because “Always And Forever” is not only the love song to end all love songs (sorry, “Adore”), but for a generation of folks, is damn near the Black National Anthem.

And it was written by a square-looking white British dude. Ain’t that some shit?

Rod Temperton-for all the jams he wrote for Mike and George Benson and everyone else in Quincy’s camp-this is his crowning achievement. The ultimate wedding first dance, the song you want to play when you fucked up and you want forgiveness.

And Johnnie Wilder-watching this live performance gives me chills. No one sings like this anymore. I was an infant when “Always And Forever” came out, and even I’m shaking my head when listening to this song talmbout “these young folks, they don’t know music nowadays!”

I want to be loved the same way “Always And Forever”’s singer sounds like he loves whoever he’s singing to. I think a lot of us would like that.

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