“All Matter” by Bilal (2010)

Bilal Oliver disappeared for almost a decade before returning in 2010 with Airtight’s Revenge. Thankfully for fans like me, he hasn’t done the milk-carton thing again, releasing albums consistently and appearing on projects by The Roots, Kendrick Lamar and others. The layoff served him well, I must admit. His 2010s era albums have been way more consistent and enjoyable than his 2001 debut. Being off of a major label can do that to you.

“All Matter” perfectly showcases the elasticity of Bilal’s voice. That’s the characteristic of his records that I find myself digging the most. He’s like Chaka Khan in space. On acid. In a live setting, it’s even crazier.

Lyrically, “All Matter” = the 21st century space soul version of “Dust In The Wind”.

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