“All Fired Up” by Pat Benatar (1988)

Pat Benatar’s voice is a force of fucking nature. Which I guess is the logical effect of being a classically trained theater kid. “All Fired Up” was her last top 40 hit, an attempt (a very successful one, I might add) to keep up with the hair metal Joneses. Super anthemic chorus, and Pat’s vocal kills. I wish I could say I remember “All Fired Up” when it was actually a hit, but I don’t. T’was only when I picked up the Benatar Greatest Hits that EMI issued in the early 2000s that this song threw me for a loop.

All ‘80s videos are memorable for one reason or another, and “All Fired Up” is no exception. At least the lasting image of this clip is Pat’s bad hair day (looking remarkably like MJ’s wig, circa the Bcucharest HBO special) and she isn’t trying to portray a teenage runaway.

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