“Ain’t You Had Enough Love” by Phyllis Hyman (1986)

Particularly in light of her 1995 death by suicide, Phyllis Hyman is somewhat miscast as a singer of torch songs. However, there was a lot more to Phyllis than sadness, which I guess you can say about anyone, singer or not, who grapples with depression.

The key word to use when describing the mood of 1986′s “Ain’t You Had Enough Love”, the third single from Hyman’s magnum opus Living All Alone, is sultry. There’s a very seductive quality to Phyllis’s vocal as well as Nick Martinelli’s production. Martinelli is one of the unsung geniuses of ‘80s soul, helming hits for Hyman, Stephanie Mills, Five Star and U.K. trio Loose Ends, members of which co-composed “Ain’t You Had Enough Love”.

Judging from the way this song is performed, she knows the answer is “no”. I don’t think she’s had enough, either.

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